Hello, Gorgeous!

Women are all about fulfilling so many roles in their day to day lives. We go from being a daughter, sister, friend, to being a partner, mother, business owner, cook, house keeper. I mean, the list goes on and on, and our days seem to at times blend together. You don't have to look like a supermodel to do boudoir. I am here to say that you deserve to be celebrated, pampered and photographed in a way that makes you feel beautiful, but most importantly EMPOWERED.

We are strong! Our bodies, minds and spirits are constantly being tested. Sometimes it takes someone else to capture the gorgeousness which is YOU. The way you've always felt, but never had represented in an image. Boudoir sessions are for the modern women who wants to be photographed for HERSELF. Yes, your partner may be blessed with a sexy album as a bonus, but in the end, this is for you. You want images that show your beauty now...not 10 pounds from now or 5 years from now. You, in your current state, is amazing and deserves self love.

Boudoir sessions are a way to find yourself while also embracing the women you already are. I want to inspire confidence in yourself and who you are not only physically, but the true essence of who you are inside. The female form is art! Every shape, size, color, belief system, age and sexual orientation. You're here because you're ready, and so am I.

A little more...

“At some point you just have to decide...to BE that woman you have always known you could be.”