To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. So amazed with all my photos! My girl hit ALL the best angles being that I’m extra curvy. Let me share my story with you!

Hi, my name is Sarai Tagle. I’ve been a Professional Makeup Artist for over 15 years and a Microblading Artist for over 4 years in the Rio Grande Valley. As a mom of 2, most of you know how that “Mom Life” is, it gets hectic to say the least. Always putting our kids before ourselves, Going through the motions of everyday life, we kinda lose sight of ourselves especially getting in touch with our sexy side. But I know how important it is so I decided on taking the leap and doing some boudoir photos. I’ve never taken professional photos, not even a simple headshot. So a boudoir shoot was something entirely unfamiliar to me, but just like any other woman out there I wanted to feel beautiful and sexy too. I decided to take my boudoir photos with Erika since she is female and I felt it would make my experience much more comfortable. She was nothing short of amazing!

McAllen Boudoir Photography

From Everday Babe

Rio Grande Valley Bourdoir Photographer

To Luxurious Vixen

I felt so relaxed and natural throughout the entire shoot. Most of all I felt extremely sexy! We laughed the entire time and had such a blast! I would absolutely do it again just to have some fresh sexy photos.The the image reveal was literally incredible, and I am amazed at all my photos!! I am so glad I decided on getting an album.