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Danny + Adriana's Surprise Beach Engagement: South Padre Island, Texas

The ocean. The sand. The breeze. What could possibly make a day at the beach any better? I can think of one—a surprise engagement! I mean, I love surprises and I love surprising people—just ask my husband. I am constantly crouching in corners and popping out to “surprise” him. Wait...maybe I just like scaring the crap out of him. 🤔 Either way, I love being a part of something unexpected in someone else's life. I enjoy not only being present for those magical and joy-filled moments, but being able to photograph them and produce memories that my clients can relive again and again. I get to capture those beautiful, genuine reactions that just make my little photographer-heart sing! So, you can imagine my excitement when I was hired a few months back to photograph Danny proposing to Adriana! After anticipating this session for a few months, the day finally came.I showed up to Beach Access Six at South Padre Island, Texas, with my family (so I wouldn’t look like a complete creeper with a camera at the beach all alone). We set up camp next to his family's tent under the pretense to Adriana (the now bride-to-be) that we were setting up to celebrate another couple’s anniversary. I got my gear all setup and excitedly awaited their arrival. Danny and Adriana had gotten dropped off farther up the beach and were going to walk to where we were located.

The timing, the setting, and everything worked out perfectly and Danny was able to pop the question in such a sweet and personal way! All of their family and friends were there to congratulate and celebrate with them; it really was beautiful! Even though I had never actually met this beautiful couple before, I became misty-eyed just seeing their excitement for starting a new life together, as well as their obvious love for each other. Their love and happiness was contagious and awesome to witness.

After all the hugs, kisses, tears,and family photos I took them into the beach and on a little baby-hike up some nearby sand dunes. This is were I was able to capture some beautiful first shots of them as a newly engaged couple.

I really could not have asked for a smoother and more perfect beach proposal. There were amazing people, a gorgeous beach, and two people promising a future together.

I’m so happy to have been a part of Adriana and Danny's beach proposal. Congratulations again!! So, thanks for reading! And, please remember me if you or someone you know is planning on getting down on one knee. You know who to call! ☺️

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